Fun Size Soundtrack Lyrics

Fun Size Lyrics

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Fun Size
Passion Pit - Love Is Greed
Magic Wands - Black Magic
Bex - Life Of The Party
Dick Stephen Walter - Good Friends
Colleen Coil - Whats Your Sign
Johann Pachelbel - Lute And Flute Canon
Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up
Mike Lembo - Can't Come Down
Christopher Jon Winston - Three Little Maids
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch - Good Vibrations
Short Dawg - Get Ya Money Up
Kovas - Grape Drank
Lior Magal - A Prayer
Drex - Good Times
Blondfire - Where The Kids Are
Thomas McDonell - Homeroom Lady
Passion Pit - It's Not My Fault I'm Happy
Lyle Workman - The Jacket
Beastie Boys - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)
Adrenalin Music - Dragonfly
Milo Greene - Autumn Tree
Sleeping At Last - Masquerade
Victoria Justice - Albert's Science Rap Remix
sELF - Make Out In The Graveyard
Carly Rae Jepsen - This Kiss

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