From Paris With Love Soundtrack Lyrics

From Paris With Love Lyrics

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Madeleine Peyroux - J'Ai Deux Amours
Vaux - Are You With Me
David Buckley - Parking Lot
David Buckley - The Ring
David Buckley - Blood On The Stairs
David Buckley - Chinese Dessert
David Buckley - Official Business
David Buckley - It's Raining Men
David Buckley - Level 2 Mandarin
David Buckley - Wax's Waltz
David Buckley - Room with a View
David Buckley - Parisian Sh*thole
David Buckley - Eye in the Sky
David Buckley - The Scenic Route
David Buckley - And Then There Were None
David Buckley - Mirror of the Soul
David Buckley - Can We Go Home?
David Buckley - Trigger Unhappy
David Buckley - Rose
David Buckley - Let Me Help You
David Buckley - Welcome to Paris, Baby
David Buckley - Carolina
Matt Monro (orig. The Carpenters) - They Long to Be / Close to You

Other Songs:
Terry Devine-King - Night City
Kenny Gamble, Cary Gilbert and Leon Huff - Me and Mrs Jones
Imade Saputra - Spring Roll
Augustin O Assignies - From Paris to China
Sarah Riani and Track Invaders - Another Day
Toni Sola and Ignasi Terraza Trio - Night Sounds Blues
Bruno Bertoli - Opera Buffa
Hugo Ripoll and Loic Pontieux - Jump in the Air
Laurent Lombard - Jumpstyle
Djamal Aladin - Bint El Nass
Chris Whiteley - Moving Slow
Terry Day (orig.Petula Clark) - C'est Ma Chanson
Franz Joseph Haydn - Symphonie No 94, Finale
David Savcic (orig.Potsch Potschka) - Fiesta Sevillana
Paul Pritchard - Direct News
Michael Boumendil and Stephane Horeczko - Magie D'Aeroports
Dan Morrissey - Blowback
Karl Lundeberg (orig. Ottmar Liebert) - Turkish Nights

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