Filly Brown Soundtrack Lyrics

Filly Brown Lyrics

From the Album: Filly Brown Soundtrack (2013) (buy at

Gina Rodriguez (Star of Filly Brown) feat. Slow Pain - Reflections
Gina Rodriguez (Star of Filly Brown) & Dominator - Neva Neva
Braxton Millz feat. MC Magic - So Happy Remix
Chrissie Fit feat. Dominator - You Could Be The One
Ese Daz feat. Nikki Diaz & Damon Reel - Crush
Braxton Millz feat. Jae Black - Get Away
Fade Dogg - I'm So Fly
Braxton Millz - Clothes Off
Medicine Girl feat. Baby Bash - Night Nurse
Malik feat. Chrissie Fit - You Don't Belong To Me
Jenni Rivera & Edward James Olmos - Hurts So Bad
Khool Aid - Dedication to Jenni
Malik - Tears In Heaven
Lala Romero - Sabor A Mi

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