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Act One - Freshman & Sophomore Years

The prodution opens with a prologue ("Pray I Make P.A."), where young hopefuls from all over New York pray that they will be accepted to the High School of Performing Arts. An ensemble dance number ("Hard Work") introduces all the characters in the show. In "I Want To Make Magic," Nick reveals to a love-struck Serena the passion with which he dreams of someday becoming a serious actor. In acting class, Joe sings "Can't Keep it Down" - his version of a sense memory exercise in which he describes his uncontrollable attraction to Carmen. In music class, Schlomo, Lambchops and Goody jam together and think of forming a band. Street dancer Tyrone is paired with ballet trained Iris and the sparks fly ("Tyrone's Rap"). At lunchtime, Carmen jumps on a table and sings "There She Goes!/Fame" as she fantasizes about her future. Serena, frustrated that Nick has not displayed any sexual interest in her, assumes he must be gay ("Let's Play a Love Scene"). Carmen approaches Schlomo with lyrics she has written for a melody she has heard him play. Together they compose "Bring on Tomorrow." "The Teacher's Argument" stems from Miss Sherman and Miss Bell's confrontation over how to handle Tyrone's fifth grade reading scores. The act ends with Tyrone storming out of the school ("Hard Work" (reprise)).

Act Two - Junior and Senior Years

The second act begins with the Fall Dance Festival - a school performance of song and dance where the students, in festival costume, celebrate the magic of theatre ("I Want to Make Magic" (reprise)). In "Mabel's Prayer," the overweight dancer asks God to give her the strength to say no to food. "Think of Meryl Streep" derives from Serena catching Nick and Carmen in a passionate kiss and her desire to use that anger in her acting. Tyrone fantasizes about earning a living if he should decide to drop out of school in "Dancin' on the Sidewalk." Miss Sherman sings about her dedication to the teaching proffession in "These Are My Children." Carmen, who dropped out of the School of Perfroming Arts and moved to Los Angeles to seek fame, has returned desperate and drug-addicted ("In L.A."). At the school's graduation party, Nick and Serena come to terms with their relationship as they sing "Let's Play a Love Scene" (reprise). In cap and gown, the graduating class of 1984 sings the inspirational anthem "Bring on Tomorrow" (reprise), knowing in their hearts that they will make a difference in the world.
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