Fame Becomes Me Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Fame Becomes Me Musical Lyrics

From the Album Fame Becomes Me Soundtrack (2007) (buy at amazon.com)

Mary Birdsong - Another Curtain Goes Up
- All I Ask ( Is You Love Me )
- Three Gorgeous Kids
- Big Titties
- The Salesman That Got Away
- Sittin' On The Fence
- The Jackie Rogers Jr Show
- Ba Ba Ba Ba Broadway
- The Hello Boy
- The Trumpet of Samaria
Martin Short - Stepbrother to Jesus
- Backstage Courtship
- Married To Marty
- Sniff Sniff
- A Dry Martin - Straight Up With A Twist
- Twelve Step Pappy
- More, More, More
Mary Birdsong - Would You Like To Star In Our Show?
- I Came Just As Soon As I Heard
Nicole Parker - A Wicked Memorial
Brooks Ashmanskas - Michael's Song
- Heaven, Heaven
- Up Here In Heaven
- A Big Black Lady Stops The Show
- Finale
- Lessons Learned
- Glass Half Full
Capathia Jenkins - Frieda May's Lament

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