Face the Music Soundtrack Lyrics

Face the Music Lyrics

From the Album: Face the Music Soundtrack (2007) (buy at amazon.com)

- Overture
- Lunching at the Automat
Irving Berlin - Let's Have Another Cup O' Coffee
Irving Berlin - Two Cheers Instead Of Three
- The Police Of New York
- Reisman's Doing A Show
- Torch Song
- You Must Be Born With It
- Castles In Spain ( On A Roof In Manhattan )
Irving Berlin - Crinoline Days
- My Beautiful Rhinestone Girl
Irving Berlin - Soft Lights And Sweet Music
Irving Berlin - If You Believe
- Well, Of All The Rotten Shows
- I Say Spinach ( And The Hell With It )
Irving Berlin - How Can I Change My Luck
- A Toast To Prohibition
Irving Berlin - I Don't Wanna Be Married ( I Just Wanna Be Friends )
Irving Berlin - Manhattan Madness
- The Investigation

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