Man Of Sorrows Lyrics by Larnelle Harris

Emmanuel: A Musical Celebration of the Life of Christ Soundtrack Lyrics

Larnelle Harris - Man Of Sorrows Lyrics
Afflicted and oppressed
This Man who'd done no violence
Never spoke His own defense

Cut off from the land of the living
So stricken for my sin
Assigned a grave with the wicked
Bore the will of God in suffering
Guilt the emblem of His off'ring

And though His soul suffer greatly
The Lord shall prolong His days
And the will of God shall prosper in His hand
He will see the light of life and shall be satisfied

The will of God was to bruise Him
The weight of guilt made to crush Him
By stain of sin He was wounded
Good Man of sorrows
Offered for sin

Never was one so afflicted
So marred a body's appearance
Beyond the likeness of human
Visage of suffering
All men hid their faces

This precious Man of sorrows
Poured out His life unto dying
Thefeby the Lord's righteous servant justifies many
Pardon for all

His act will sprinkle the nations
He will be highly exalted
O, sinner's great Intercessor
Good Man of sorrows
Raised high He is lifted up

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