Glory To God In The Highest Lyrics by Gary Chapman; Susan Ashton

Emmanuel: A Musical Celebration of the Life of Christ Soundtrack Lyrics

Gary Chapman; Susan Ashton - Glory To God In The Highest Lyrics
On that night there were out in the country
Shepherds abiding in the fields under the stars
Keeping watch o'er their flocks by night

And, lo the angel of the Lord came upon them
And the glory of the Lord shone round about them
And they were so afraid

And the angel said unto them
Do not be afaid
For I bring you good tidings of great, great joy
Which shall be to all people

For unto you in born this day
In the city of David, a Saviour and King
Which is Christ the Lord

Sing hosanna to Christ the Lord
Sing hallelujah to Messiah, and Saviour, and King
Which is Christ the Lord

And suddenly in the sky all around them
There was with the angel
A multitude of the heavenly host
Praising God and saying

Glory, glory to God in the highest
And on earth peace and good will toward men

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