Emerging Past Soundtrack Lyrics

Emerging Past Lyrics

From the Album: Emerging Past Soundtrack (2011) (buy at amazon.com)

G Tom Mac - Soul I Bare
Kizzy Star - Out Of Control
Melpomeni - Dreaming
G Tom Mac - Killer Head
Duck 1 - Emerging Past Theme
G Tom Mac - Fallen
Magni - When The Time Comes
G Tom Mac & Corey Haim - Mend Me
G Tom Mac - Secrets Of Oz
Katie DiCicco - Mud
G Tom Mac - Taken Away
G Tom Mac - My House My Rules
Katie DiCicco - Beautiful Tragedy (Emerging Past Theme Remix)
G Tom Mac - Pamela's Theme
Rikets - Designer Drug Hell
G Tom Mac - Chase Me
Brian Ray - Hello Lonely

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