Davey's Song Lyrics by Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights Soundtrack Lyrics

Adam Sandler - Davey's Song Lyrics
I'm the kind of guy who can't stand a holiday
So I drink 'em all awy, that's me
I don't decorate no trees
And I won't eat no p[otato latkes
But I'll give this old lady's melons a squeeze
That's just who I am
Well, I'll never spin a dreidel but I'll always throw an egg
Then I'll Charlie horse your leg for laughs
WHile you're singing your holiday tune
I'm acting like the town buffoon
Whippin' out my big , white, sscary moon
And blowin' a beef your way
I hate folks who think reindeer are cute
To me thy're just something to shoot
I hate love, I hate you, I hate me
Well, I'm a snowmobile stealin'
No " 'tis the season' " feeling kind of guy
This time of year sucks so I take my nunchucks
And make sure every snowman die
Belivin' in Santa's all wrong
And Chanukah's eight nights too long
I hate love, I hate you, I hate me
I hate love, I hate you, I hate me

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