Been Away Lyrics by Q ''The Kid'' featuring Jermaine Dupri

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Q ''The Kid'' featuring Jermaine Dupri - Been Away Lyrics
Its been a long time comin'
I'm here now
Nobody can stop that

[Verse 1)
I've been travelin' long distances.
I'm the meanin' of what persistance is.
Music is the only thing I really love
Since I was a kid and its the only thing i'm gonna love forever.
I've been through the hard times and bad weathers;
Long days an long nights tryin to get my career together.
With school was my first goal bump these bras,
I was blessed with the talent that can get me real far.
In time and trust me i'm nice mine
and i'm sick with an instrument listen to the drumline.
And all i got is mo' fied come alot o' cats nice but i'm live-er than them.
And these A.T.L. streets is what im tryin to rise up from by any means just to get that dream.
It was hard but i did it graduated to the big screen now i'm on tour and the kid got bigger dreams.

(I hate to have been away too long)
I'm just tryin to chase my dreams
(did i leave your mind when i was gone)
I hope not cuz i'm still here

(I hate to have been away too long)
I'm just tryin to chase my dreams
(did i leave your mind when i was gone)
I hope not...

[Verse 2]
Now i'm in a new state new division.
New town new place i'm on a new mission: the good life livin'.
Things unchanged new deal new aim
two new four fists benz and arranged.
I came along way from sittin' on a block
from bustin up the shots to the # 1 slots.
But look i'm a grind through it
and i can make anything happen as long as i put my mind to it.
I love music, yeah i'm real nice with them sticks.
No class, no tutors; i was born with this gift.
And theres only a few, one or two i could name,
and cuz i'm hot dudes wanna ask me off the game.
But i'm a keep strivin'
and hussle all the way from the bottom to the top
and surprize'um.
And i could show you cuz it don't hurt to try.
Stay focused and you'd better get by.
(sing wit me ya'll)


I came a long way and look where I made it
and nothing you do or say can stop me cuz this what im here for.
And hot pieces is all give for, you could never "not" me,
What i'm sheddin' tears for?
It was rough but i made it at last
top dog major ahead of my class.
Jermaine, who they wanna get along with.
Its Q they wannna sing the song wit.

[CHORUS] (faded until end)
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