That's Why I Lie Lyrics by Ray J.

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Ray J. - That's Why I Lie Lyrics
if i told you why, why, why
I'd probably lie, lie, lie
Can't stand to see you cry, cry, cry
All i know is i'll be hurtin you
if i told you the truth
that's why i lie, lie, lie
you'd got me thinkin my, my, my
And it's killin me indside oh i
i don't want you you sayin by, by, by

Don't understand can't explain what it is
That's causin me to
Feel the need to explore any more ? i have you
But when I do there's no truth
baby all I do is lie
The only truth is that lie
Cause I need you in my life


I don't know where he wants
you to know where I'm going to oh oh
so i sneak out the best way i can
for a ron de vou whoaaa
i've lighten up to know
who i can and cannot fool
so i cross my heart, swear it's true
that i'm lovin you whoaaa

I'm doin what i gotta do to keep you
there's one thing i swear it's true
i don't know what i'd do if i was eva to lose you
please baby believe me
and tell me that you'd neva eva leave me
i just don't want to you hear you say good bye

Chorus 2x

oh, oh, oh, oh
hey, hey, hey, hey
oh, oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh, oh
hey, hey, hey, hey
oh, oh, ohhhh

Chorus 3x

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