Within My World Lyrics by Dracula The Musical Cast

Dracula The Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Dracula The Musical Cast - Within My World Lyrics
Rage consumes me…
It keeps my need for vengeance alive
Like the blood on which my kind survive
But life mocks me in my envy
They are unworthy
Love is wasted on men so naïve
To know love is to also achieve
Blissful passion,
Zealous passion.

Such mortal feelings
Are never forsaken
And once again, those passions will awaken
My evil has its beauty, when it suits me to possess
The hearts of those my vengeance will embrace, within my world
They have a worthy place.
These years are bleak less
And ending damnation
Hidden yearning to know deaths aliberation
Now at last I realise there’s another prize to win
I’ll taste again the conquest of my past
Within my world
She will know love at last.

Across vast oceans
Her master will reach her
To teach her delights no mortal’s possess
She will enter my world and discover it’s splendour
Then completely surrender
To my gentle caress.
She has inspired me
And stirred my emotion
Burning embers enflame a new devotion
I’ll turn back the centuries to enjoy the Son-Deville
That long ago become my destiny
Within my world
Within my world

This youthful illusion
Will surely deceive her
To make her believe
My passion is real
When she enters my world
I will see her surrender
With a kiss I intend her
Forever to feel
I will divine her
Excite her sensations
She’ll abandon herself
To new temptations
She will know true ecstasy when she drinks the Son-Deville
That long ago become my destiny
Within my world
Despite her world
She will belong to me.

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