The Mist Lyrics by Dracula The Musical Cast

Dracula The Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Dracula The Musical Cast - The Mist Lyrics
My soul was floating above a moonlit sea,
At the same time I was drowning, it felt somehow freeing,
Enraptured by his eyes, the burning eyes of a supreme hypnotist,
I followed him into the mist.
The dogs were howling, or was it just a dream?
And when he appeared beside me I wanted to scream,
But I had lost my voice, I had no choice,
I had no will to resist, I drifted away with the mist.
There was a singing in my ear, and then he started speaking,
His voice caressed me through and through,
He spoke about all kinds of things, I wish I could remember,
But mostly he asked about you.


He spoke about you, as if he knew you well.
Whispering your name in silence and casting his spell.
The fear and the desire, I was on fire, the ground moved as we kissed,
we melted away in, spent all night and day in,
I wish I could stay in the mist.

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