Over Whitby Bay Lyrics by Jonathan and Mina Murray

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Jonathan and Mina Murray - Over Whitby Bay Lyrics
Staring out to sea
Full of dark premonitions
Thinking what to say
As the sun, slowly dims
Over Whitby bay

Mina and Harker:
On that summer night
When we first shared a carriage
Made our bumpy way
On the road, curving round
Over Whitby Bay
We strolled to the old bowling green

The orchestra played sweet sixteen

Mina and Harker:
Then we stole our first kiss
My thoughts fly everyday
Back to Whitby Bay

Why do I feel cold?
Why am I so frightened?

Why did I agree to go so far away!
Will I ever see you again?

I'll stare out to sea until then.

Mina and Harker:
We were so happy here
My thoughts turn, everyday
Back to Whitby Bay.

One more lonely night
Full of dark premonitions
Shall we see the day?
When the sun slowly dims
Over Whitby Bay

You think, you hear, my voice
It's the beginning
Don't be afraid, for soon
I shall be with you to offer a singular gift

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