DRACULA SYNOPSIS Lyrics - Dracula The Musical Soundtrack

Dracula The Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

The show opens with a lightning-filled PRELUDE, during which we are introduced to Jonathan Harker as he travels to a castle in Transylvania to meet the aging Count Dracula (A QUIET LIFE). Jonathan thinks about his beloved, Mina, who is beyond the sea on the shores of England. Separately, they remember their life together and the way things used to be OVER WHITBY BAY. Three of Dracula’s brides – three female vampires – fly around singing about the perks of being FOREVER YOUNG, while Dracula, who is drawn to the beautiful Mina, sucks FRESH BLOOD from Jonathan’s neck. Miraculously, Dracula’s hair turns black and his wrinkles disappear! He makes some arrangements with Renfield, his spider-eating henchman to travel to England (THE MASTER’S SONG).

In England, another young woman named Lucy must choose a husband from a group of several suitors (HOW DO YOU CHOOSE?). Her fun is cut short when Dracula bites her – but Mina interrupts this disturbing seduction. Lucy sings about how she felt when she was seduced by Dracula (THE MIST). Everyone sings about life in the MODERN WORLD.

Mina gets a message that Jonathan is ill. She goes to care for him (A PERFECT LIFE). Mina and Jonathan, as well as Lucy and her chosen suitor get married (THE WEDDINGS). But Lucy falls ill. her doctor, Van Helsing, is suspicious of the cause, and when Lucy is bitten again and dies, he knows that the forces of an evil vampire are at work. After Lucy’s burial (PRAYERS FOR THE DEAD), Dracula teaches her all about LIFE AFTER LIFE, before turning into a bat and flying away to terrorize Mina.

Meanwhile, at Lucy's grave, the company finds her bringing children to her tomb so she can eat them. They kill her, and Mina muses that THE HEART IS SLOW TO LEARN. Dracula kills Renfield (THE MASTER’S SONG – REPRISE) and goes to Mina's house to seduce her while the others are trying to find him. Mina invites him in (IF I COULD FLY). Dracula bites her (THERE’S ALWAYS TOMORROW).

Later, Van Helsing - with Lucy's suitors at his side – hypnotizes Mina. She tells them that Dracula is his way back to his castle and the men decide to go to Transylvania to kill him once and for all (DEEP IN THE DARKEST NIGHT). On the boat to Transylvania, Jonathan wonders if their lives will be the same BEFORE THE SUMMER ENDS.

At his castle, Dracula considers his life – THE LONGER I LIVE. Mina and Van Helsing travel to the castle. Van Helsing kills the Vampiresses, while Mina finds Dracula, who tells her that she is destined to bring an end his immortal life (FINALE: PLEASE DON’T LET ME LOVE YOU / THE LONGER I LIVE / THE MIST). But Mina says she can’t do this and tells Dracula she loves him. Then she does kill him and when the sun has risen, the vampire hunters arrive to find him dead. Mina runs to Jonathan’s arms, but her haunted eyes betray her tender embrace.

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