Private Parts Lyrics

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Private Parts Lyrics
There'll be changes in your bodies
and temtations in your paths
you're voices will get lower
and you'll need to take more baths.
so imitate the saints
and purify your hearts
and ignore the urges
of your Private Parts

Don't think lude thoughs
about a womans form
eternity's a long time
and hell get's afoly warm
oh, your idle hand will get you into trouble
don't pay attention to your
Private Parts

Don't touch yourselves
no matter how you urn
not even just a little
or you'll burn burn burn
you better leap into an ice cold shower
and don't pay attention to your
(*whipers*)Private parts

Sex is for procreation
it's not used for recreation

no you can't hide you'r habbits from your family and your friends from the first touch your secret starts to show.
first the pimples
then the warts
your growth becomes stunted
your brain turns to jelly

till the sham of our error
turns to horror then to terror

When the hair upon your palm begins to grow!!!

so keep your mind above the belt
and your thoughts out of the sewer
cause an evil think's just as guilty
as an evil doer
oh your private parts with get you into trouble

Keep them out of sight
keep them out of mind
we've got to do whats right
or end up deaf, dumb, and blind!

so Don't pay attention to your

Private Parts

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