I Must Be in Love Lyrics

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I Must Be in Love Lyrics
Holy smokes, who'd of guessed
She picked me out from all the rest
I'll probably strike out on an outside pitch
You know, one of these days I'm bound to get lucky
And I just might strike it rich

I must be in love
I feel like a hero
Just won the game a hundred to zero

Is it a fluke, is it a crush
The things that I'm thinking could make a kid blush
I can't be, but I must be

They say that love hurts
Don't tell me, I know so
Stung by the pitch, like Minnie Minoso
I'll take my base, drive in a run
Can't hide my feelings and they've only begun
And I feel like dancing too close

Here's to the fun you find at a mixer
And here's to the nuns for making us mix
Got to be cool, I'll try to act older
I feel like a fool 'cause I just wanna hold her

I must be in love
Lord, make me a winner
Have mercy on this unoriginal sinner
Teach me the rules, I'll play the game
Humor or rumor, to me it's the same
I can't be, but I must be, in love

Here's to the nuns for kernels of wisdom
And here's to the father for words to the wise
Can a romance fit into the system
Won't somebody guide me
Explain what's inside me

I must be in love
She gave me a "hello"
A major league star can't afford to be mellow
Finally at bat, now it's my turn
And beginners in love have a whole lot to learn
I can't be, but I must be, in love

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