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Eddie Saenz - I Had A Dream Lyrics
I had a dream that i was on the balcony
Must have been a hundred feet and I fell.
Didn't stop to wonder why I just ended my own life
quite the peaceful way to die I must tell.
It was me and the sun worry free, troubles gone.
Took my place in the ground smiled wide and sang aloud.
I had a dream, woah, I had a dream.
I had a dream that i was nailed up to the cross.
Righted all of my own wrongs and I was free.
No longer full of sin I felt free once again,
no more trains around the bend headed for me.
They all say, Jesus saves, and I heard the news,
and I've seen his grace. Forgives us all, makes us well,
but we can forgive ourselves, but I had a dream, Woah, I had a dream.
I had a dream that I had lived a decent life,
saw it flash before my eyes and I was gone.
I was standing on a cloud looking down and feeling proud,
watched my tears hit the ground,
and those I had loved cried along.
Their eyes, were so blue, and I was missed through and through.
But they looked at my life, and they learned from what I left behind.
I had a dream, woah, I had a dream.

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