I Wanna Be Free Lyrics by Patti Labelle

Diary of a Mad Black Woman Soundtrack Lyrics

Patti Labelle - I Wanna Be Free Lyrics
verse: ive been here too long feeling sorry for myself
ive been too upset to make the first step but now i
see the light at rainbows in finally i found my peace withing

chors:i want to be free every minute of my life i wanna
be the best i can be i want to be free in the days
that lie ahead im gonna see all there is to see

i coming out of this another day is too long theres
a life out there that my name is on thank you father
for this serenity and blessing im rich because you walked with me.

repeat chorus

bridge: theres nothing to stop me no one can block
me im going all the way dont want you to hold you cant control me.

repeat chorus

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