The Color of Your Eyes Lyrics

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The Color of Your Eyes Lyrics
He reminds me of you
In much younger days
Softly eccentric
And set in his ways

He reminds me of you
It's funny and yet
How can he really
Remind me of someone
That I've never met?

And P.S. I wish
You and I could be friends
Wouldn't that be a lovely surprise?

Cause he is so sweet
To be writing to you
If I knew
The color of your eyes

We went for tea
At an outdoor cafe
Oh and his eyes are both
Blue by the way

We talked and we talked
You should have been there
And then he went on about
Meville and Woodsbin
I'm floating on air

And P.S. I blushed when he offered his arm
And we walked under fair weather skies
And oh how I wish
That you'd been with us too
And I knew the color of your eyes

He made it seemed like I'd known him from long ago
Laughed at my jokes
Though they scarcely seemed apropos
I'm feeling more like a girl
And less like a child

Oh what a man, I'll never forget
But really the only man I've ever met
Then he took the train and I heaved a sigh
And Julia got angry cause he left without even saying goodbye

And P.S. It's late
And I can't get to sleep
So I'll lay out my soul on the line
What do I care if there's blue in his eyes
If someday, they're looking into mine

One day, you'll be looking into mine

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