Lost And Found Lyrics - City of Angels Musical Soundtrack

City of Angels Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Lost And Found Lyrics
Mr. detective, you've been looking too hard
You should've started looking in your own back yard.

(STONE covers her with the sheet and turns on the lights)

Lost and found
Lost and found
You've earned your salary
Searching for mallory
Wanna play lost and found
Well, then, here i am
On the lam
You've been assigned to find out where i've been
And now you've found me in your bed
And though my daddy said to turn me in
Why don't i turn you on instead

Teasing lips
Pleasing thighs
Easy on
Private eyes

If you're not celibate
We could raise hell a bit
Why don't you call my bluff
Don't resist
You won't know what you've missed
You'll never tame me
But you can claim me
At the lost and found

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