Double Talk Lyrics - City of Angels Musical Soundtrack

City of Angels Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Double Talk Lyrics
Just watch her dodge the truth like a runaway streetcar
This role she plays could win her a prize
Each gesture is correct
Well chosen for effect
And it would be wiser if i kept my eyes off her thighs

This song and dance of his is most unconvincing
He has that hungry look in his eye
He needs the work and soon
Some cash'll change his tune
He'll hop to the task
I'll say jump and he'll
Ask me how high

This job is not to be believed
And i do not believe a word
Between her double talk and all that's unsaid
I'd bet the farm that there'll be trouble ahead

I might be willingly deceived
'cause i can trust myself around her
Even less than i trust her
But even so i need the dough

I buy a book and i get stuck with the author
You buy a rose you're stuck with a thorn
It's undeniable
The guy is pliable
And shakespeare and dickens were washed up before i was born

This job is not to be believed
And i cannot believe my luck
I'm at the literary prime of my life
And i'm about to have the time of my life
Unless i'm easily deceived
Though buddy doesn't tend to sugarcoat his comments
He's all right
All bark, no bite

I've always longed for a chance to be watching
A book of my own on the screen
To look up and see stone on the screen
Would be better than fine
Sit with my wife in a crowd
As the credits are shown on the screen
In a frame all alone on the screen
It says "screenplay by stine"

For making movies out of books
They say that buddy wrote the book
I can depend on him to give me some lip
But you can trust a guy who shoots from the hip
Out here where nothing's how it looks
It's hard to disregard a candid stand-up guy
Who skips the double talk
And lets you know exactly what he's thinking about you
And i can beat the odds
And meet his demands
Though i'm a stranger in
This strangest of lands.

This mad adventure i've begun
Is unlike anything i know
It's gonna be a lotta work
And lots of fun
And pots of dough

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