The Genius on Cleveland Street Lyrics

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The Genius on Cleveland Street Lyrics
The wheels of your mind just keep on spinning
Another exhausting climb up hill
You always come close to almost winning
But there's that one blank
You can't seem to fill

Ugh! Parker!

You're brimming with skill and brains and knowledge
You're hardly a humdrum average Joe
So you didn't come from some dumb college
Just focus and think
You're practically there
If you could get ink
In each little square

You'd be the genius on Cleveland Street
An intellectual elite
And you could win an award
A trophy for all to see

Ha. Imagine that.

The genius on Cleveland Street
The guy the neighbors wanna beat
And instant respect
A little recognition for me

What are the jumping reptiles referred to frequently by Little Orphan Annie?
Hmm. Leapin' l... Ha. Leapin' lizards! Ha, ha!

You're bustin' your hump to make a living
And where's your thanks?
Where's your reward?
Not enough \"get\" and too much \"giving\"
You need this to work
'Cause then you could go
From Parker, the jerk
To Parker, the pro

Oh, you'd be the genius on Cleveland Street
The Bumpus hounds'd lick your feet
And the mayor would say
\"Hey, hand him that city key\"

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.

The genius on Cleveland Street
The guy they'd line up to meet
Frank Parker, the champ
A stamp of recognition for me

All right. Let's see here. Dorothy's dog; four letters. Toto!
Fast thinking secret agent. Mr. Moto!

Just got one more spot to fill
Actress who played Diamond Lil

Oh God. Uh, duh. Ma-E-woost, Ma-E-waist, Ma-E-weest,
Ma-E-wiset, Ma-E-west... Mae West, Mae West!

Mr. Parker, you're the best
No question, you're the best we've ever seen

Oh, the genius on Cleveland Street
The whiz whose puzzle is complete
If I send it in
And somehow, I win
They'll see
The genius on Cleveland Street

Let this be it. Let this be the one.

I'd get instant respect
Instant respect
A little recognition
For me-e-e-e-e

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