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Red Ryder Lyrics
You don't need a steed to be a cowboy
No, you're not a hero just by galloping off in the sun
What you really need to be a cowboy
Fearless, keepin' bandits tremblin' on the run
Is a Red Ryder carbine action BB gun

See me standing guard up at my window
I'll protect the neighborhood so outlaws are always undone
And I will bar them from that window
Show those weasels how the wild west was won
Bang! Bang!
A Red Ryder carbine action BB gun

'Cause Randy could be kidnapped by a pack of goons
Our house might be invaded by raccoons
A tiger could escape the zoo
And try to rip Miss Shields in two
But she would be okay
I swoop in and save the day

And the girls all sigh and say \"oh, Ralphie\"
When you're big and brave no mean old bully can ever make fun
And kids are cryin' \"Cowboy Ralphie!\"
Wow, my Old Man shouting \"that boy, he's my son!\"
With a Red Ryder carbine action BB gun

But it's almost nearly getting close,
Counting down, the clock is set
Don't know how
Don't know who
But all I know's I've got to get
A Red Ryder carbine
Stock with a compass
Red Ryder carbine action BB gun

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