Six Hours as a Princess Lyrics - Children's Letters to God Soundtrack

Children's Letters to God Soundtrack Lyrics

Six Hours as a Princess Lyrics
(Spoken) Dear God....Are boys better than girls? I know you are one, but try to be fair.

(Sung)Cinderella had her godmother. But I'm lucky that I have you.
So maybe I don't need a glass shoe to make my wish come true..

I want six hours as a Princess.
I'd take five or even three.
Yes, three hours as a Princess.
Just the two of us, Brett and me.

And we'll talk about hopes and dreams.
Not sports, imagine that!
And soon I'll find what's on his mind, and underneath that hat.

I want one hour as a Princess.
Don't you think I'm allowed.
Just one hour as a Princess?
Okay, ten minutes, I'm not proud!

And the night will be filled with stars.
And he'll be holding my hand.
And Brett will say he cares for me, because that's what you'll command.

Then finally the girl I hoped to be will magically appear.
God, you can make my dream come true...
Just send me a sign to let me know you're there.

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