World Without You Lyrics - Children Of Eden Soundtrack

Children Of Eden Soundtrack Lyrics

World Without You Lyrics

Oh my Father, Lord and Creator
You know that half my heart is yours
All that you gave me I can't repay you
If I betray you, I'll break in two
How could I live in a world without you


You'll stay here Adam be my son forever..


But oh my life's partner, my wife my lover
You know that half my heart is yours
Each I see you, you fill my spirit
Just knowing you're near, it makes the day new
How could I live in a world without you

Oh Father please don't choose
Either way it's more than I can bear to lose
Either way it's ripping out my heart
This choice is tearing me apart


You see what have done
Pain has come into the garden
Where there is choice there is pain
Make this one choice my son
Choose not to eat this fruit
And you will never have to make a choice again


Oh Eve what would you give
If this day you could relive
Would you let the apple go uneaten?


No, I cannot bear this pain
But I would not go back again


Oh my garden, all peace and beauty
I know that all my heart is yours
I want to stay here, stay here forever
Father forever, I cannot leave
But Eve I don't know what else to do
How can I live...
I cannot live...
I will not live..
In a world without [long pause]

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