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Children Of Eden Soundtrack Lyrics

Mark of Cain Lyrics
Cain! Cain!
The voice of your brother's blood
Cries to me from the ground
I curse that ground
And I curse you

Be a fugative and a vegabond
All your wretched life
And should you find a wife
I curse her too
And all your tainted progeny
Your children's children's children

Even to the seventh generation!
Let the righteous hear:
The seed of Cain with guilt and shame is ridden
All concourse with them is forever more forbidden

Shun them like the scorpion and shark
And that you may know them
On Cain I set this mark.

The race of Cain must ever bear this mark!

The wild beast howl and the wild winds blow
And the seeds of the tree of knowledge grow
And you know things now you wish you didn't know

In the wasteland...
In the wasteland...
In the wasteland...

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