Swing Shift Lyrics by Cherlene

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Cherlene - Swing Shift Lyrics
What a night to work the graveyard, witching hour till eight
Sneaking whiskey in my coffee, only thing that keeps me straight
But whiskey dreams of you until that whistle blew
Blew me out the door, I was coming home to you

Forty hours of the graveyard to get home and fry your eggs
Pouring coffee in my whiskey, I've seen trouble in the dreggs
I've listened to the words, Just barely overheard
Ya stabbed me in the back, I was coming home for you

Forty bucks to go on layaway for my own diamond ring
But it's my own damn fault
Should have told me when they changed my shift to swing
You never turned and saw, saw me at the door
Or even heard the diesel roar
Hear me coming home to you

Forty miles an hour rising when I hit your double wide
Drove that tractor through the trailer
Coming out on yonder side
Did you have the breath to curse?
Did you cry my name as I ground it in reverse?
Was there anything left of you?

In forty days they'll strap me down
With a sponge and shave my head
And dim the lights of this old prison
Cause the governor wants me dead
That judge would have given me life
But that woman was her wife
He was calling out my name
Now I'm coming (x3)
I'm home to you
Now I'm coming home to you (x2)

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