LIVE WIRE Lyrics by The Meters

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The Meters - LIVE WIRE Lyrics
Well if you\'re lookin\' for trouble
I\'m the man to see
If you\'re lookin\' for satisfaction
I\'m satisfaction guaranteed
I\'m as cool as a body on ice
Or hotter than a rollin\' dice
Send you to heaven
Take you to hell
I ain\'t foolin\'
Can\'t you tell

I\'m a live wire
Gonna set this town on fire

Well if you need some lovin\'
And if you need some man
You\'ve got the phone and the number
And I got no future plans
Oh come on honey you got nothin\' to lose
You got the thirst \'n I got the booze
Give you an inch
Take you a mile
I wanna make you smile

I\'m a live wire
Holy smoke and sweet desire

Like a hot rod baby?
Oh stick this in your fuse box

Cooler than a body on ice
Hotter than a rollin\' dice
Wilder than a drunken fight
You\'re gonna burn tonight

I\'m a live wire
And I\'m gonna set this town on fire

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