Friends Forever Lyrics by Thunderbugs

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Thunderbugs - Friends Forever Lyrics
Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh oh oh

Remember when we used to talk all night?
We didn't get much sleep
Talkin' 'bout and plannin'out our lives
And who we're gonta be
Things were so much different then
Our lives have changed so much my friend
But you and I will always believe


'Cause we'll be
You'll see
We'll be
We'll be Friends Forever

We'll be
You'll see
We'll be
Like Thelma and Louise

We'll be
You'll See
We'll be
we'll be Friends Forever
Friends Forever
Friends Forever

I know that he's been hurtin' you
I've known for a while
Now you've found love in someone new
I can see it in your smile

I swear your secret's safe with me
Won't tell nobody what I see
What you need is perfect trust in me

(repeat chorus)

We all need
Someone we can trust
A Friend
Of our own
I swear your secret's safe with me
Your not alone

You can depend
We will fight
'Til the end

oh yeah

(repeat chorus 'til faded out)

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