Recollections of the Wraith Lyrics by Shabazz Palaces

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Shabazz Palaces - Recollections of the Wraith Lyrics
With that moonlight on your mind, you wonder what you'll find
With the sunlight falling down, you gotsta find a sound
With that starlight in your eyes, you wanna find surprise
With the neon in your blood, you move to find your love tonight

Yeah, tonight
You heard me, Helen, oh yeah, tonight
One thing: Clear some space out, so we can space out

[Verse 1]
Starlight, advance on your mind
Anticipation, excitements to climb
Information, choices and sensation
New rules you can play with, blues: you can shake them
No ironies arise
No predictable surprise, no sarcastic satires
Just ancient patient beings seeing it to it, you'll get high
New off the space ship, dipped in punctuation
Oh what's cracking, get your crew up with your do-up
It's certain to be workin' when you flirtin' with it to us
And the kicks involved, the fix evolves, the mix revolves
Dilemma of this bitch ass cliche', rap's gettin soft
The ghetto sound sprawl, it bounce wall to wall
Enthrall us and y'all, it's music that chews up
This prove it, we dos it, you lose it, it's crucial
All we do is answering the call to tonight

Ooh, tonight
Yeah, tonight
Yeah, tell 'em: Clear some space out, so we can space out

[Verse 2]
I pushed away belt for dark blue (?)
Birds looking at me like, "Who are you cat?"
Hat tilted off my jewels with stars toothin'
Every word that come out my mouth just sparkles up
Nigga, I wish you would, you wish you could
You think you should, but you don't and you won't
You have another drink, stop and think
Look, you f*cking with the crew to get that ship to sink
We don't ra-ra in the club, we dance, though
Take a chance, you know that we gots to dazzle
They just clones tossing they own confetti
When the plush crush through, you just stay ready
I do it, be it, see it, feel it and I free it
And the shit I pop is heated cause I love it and I mean it
So baby, let's touch and agree
F*cking with me, ain't no telling what you gonna see tonight

Yo doc, what you wearing, nigga? Tonight
Shit, I'm dressing like I was at the Ali/Frasier fight, tonight
Hey, clear some space out, so we can space out

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