Off to See the World Lyrics by A Chipmunk Adventure

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A Chipmunk Adventure - Off to See the World Lyrics
Verse 1:
Gliding through the airways
Making the right stops
Through a storm, we booked our places
making all our drops
See the cliffs of Donver
and over to the right
all the snowy white camphouse
majestics ending bright

Hey don't you know that
we're off the see the world?
We're off the find our dreams.
Why are our hearts beating so fast?
Why is there suddenly a brand new hope inside us that will surely last?

Hey don't you know that
We're off to see the world?
We're off to find things new.
So we will follow every clue
just 'till there's suddenly a chance to find if all, our dreams where dreams come true.

Verse 2:
Just flew over Switzerland.
Destination set.
Heading out for Africa,a quest we won't forget.
Face the threat in Rio, we could be in for more, and now we are descending, I can see Italy shore.


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