Jet Set Lyrics by Catch Me If You Can Cast

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Catch Me If You Can Cast - Jet Set Lyrics
Woke up in Brooklyn, with a frown upon my face
Just left Wisconsin, where there's cheese enough to start this rat race
But thanks to the brother's ride,
We don't know where we'll sleep tonight.
Yeah i'm a bird, in the sky and tomorrow when I rise I'll..

Wake up in Paris with a new love in my heart
Or maybe Germany with that brand new pet I met in Stuttgart
Sky's the limit it's time to play,
I'll put down roots some other day.

No need be a lonely joe,
The jet set is the only way to go.

Would you like new music, and mystery, each and every day?
Lose the same old music and history,
Make a new friend then fly away

And wake up in Texas where they treat their women right
And then try Hollywood where the stars can live out in broad daylight
Any city near or far feels twice as good as where you are.
When you're sick of the status quo, the jet set is the only way to go.

Would you like the sleigh ride, a hayride, then kiddo just stay home
But if you want jet set, then get set, to leave behind Kansas,
there's no place like home.

Wake up in Rio, have your coffee in Brazil
When real life gets you down take a far-out, one way trip to splitsville
Swedish, Greek or Japanese, a stewardess is trained to please.

So if you've got what it takes below,
Well then fly this bird like you can smoke,
Cause the jet set's just a holiday
And the jet set goes up up and away so...

Right down to Italy with a bella feminade,
Jump in a fountain for a big dose of la dolce vita.
If your taste is more resque, well then we know a joint in old Bombay

So hang on tight, let's loop-de-loop
It's time to fly this chicken coop
So pack up your suitcase,
Check your worries at the gate
Come out and play boy, cruise the world to find your perfect playmate.

Things look better from above so buckle up next stop is love
From Timbuktu to Tokyo, from Mozambique to Mexico.
Well the jet set is the only way to go

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