The Destruction Lyrics by Premiere Cast

Carrie Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Premiere Cast - The Destruction Lyrics

carrie (spoken):
our father who out in heven howd be thy name
oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!
carrie (sung)
i will not cry im ok. i try so hard to play there ways.
carrie(spoken) should have told me!
carrie (sung)
and god made eve to bear the curse, the curse of blood, the curse of blood.
carrie (spoken)
his name is tommy ross mama hell have me home by midnight.
carrie (sung)
an eagals just another bird untill he can spread his wings!
others: hell break your heart!
carrie (sung)
thell make fun of you they will break your heart. then thell laugh at you watching you fall apart.
others: carrie, carrie.
carrie (sung)
doesnt anybody ever get it right! doesnt anybode think i hear!
background noise: bell
the lights!
( painfull screams)
(coughing, gasping for breath, crying)
(huge explotion)
sirens of in the distance

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