Open Your Heart Lyrics by Premiere Cast

Carrie Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Premiere Cast - Open Your Heart Lyrics
Choir: Open your heart! Let Jesus In!
Open your heart! Let Jesus in!
Lord, you have found me a'wonderin in the darkness
Light my way with your true faith, and I'll sing with joy of my new fate!

Margaret: Jesus, possess me
Sweet savior be my savior
Bless each endeavor
Till I finally join you forever

Ah, Carrie, there's my sweet girl

Lord, I will see choirs of saints and angels singing

Margaret and Carrie:
Fly me free of temptation
and the flames of Hell's devastation
Then He will take me
And wash me in the river
I will make celebration
In the joy of final
The might of final
The fire of final Salvation!

Carrie: (spoken) I love you, Momma.
Margaret: (spoken) I love you, Carrie.

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