I Hate the Bus Lyrics - Caroline, or Change Soundtrack

Caroline, or Change Soundtrack Lyrics

I Hate the Bus Lyrics
I hate the bus
I want my own car
A car with a heater
I want a TV set and more
A big old house

Like this one
But everything new
And cant nobody ever
Can't nobody ever tell me what to do

Go out when I want to
When I don't then I stay
Got magical bracelets
Some bullets bound someway

In every room a TV and my own telephone
And ill live in my house
And ill live in my house by myself all alone
And if I'm lonely it doesn't matter

I think there worse than being lonely
There's people who freeze while they wait on their knees
And they don't know for what
And they just been forgotten

I aint waiting no more
You just wait forever
If you cant say what for
The day comes soon

Ill pack up the nothing I own
And ill live in my house
And ill make it ok by myself
All alone

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