16 Feet Beneath the Sea Lyrics - Caroline, or Change Soundtrack

Caroline, or Change Soundtrack Lyrics

16 Feet Beneath the Sea Lyrics
Caught between the devil and the muddy brown sea.
That money. That money...
that money reach in and spin me about my hate rise up, rip my insides out.
My madness rise up in a fury so wild and I let myself go!
Spoke my hate to a child.
Pennies done that. Pennies done that! Pocket change.
Pocket change changed me pocket change changed me,
cant afford loose change,
cant 'fford loose change. changins a danger for a woman like me.
Caught ?tween the devil and the muddy brown sea.
I gotta get back to the way I been. god,
drag me back to that basement again!! don't know what
I said to that little boy...
always they's been people who hold they head high getting through.
I cant. I cant ! Aint never been no good, finding joy the way you should. Mmmm.
Hopin water turn to wine-hopes fine (hah) hopes fine.
Hopes fine, till it turn to mud and some folks goes to school at night
and some folks march for civil rights
and I don't! I aint got the heart! I cant hardly read!
Some folks do all kinds 'a things
and black folks someday'll live like kings and someday sunshine,
shine all day! oh sure, it true, it be that way!
But not for me this also true, ya'll cant do what I can do!
Ya'll strong but ya'll not strong like me!!!!
I'm gonna slam that iron down on my heart gonna slam
that iron down on my throat gonna slam
that iron down on my sex gonna slam it slam it slam it down till
I drowned the fire out till there aint no air left anywhere.
What else? What else!? What else, what else God!?
What else God!!! Gimme an arm for!? Slam go the iron slam go the iron flat.
Flat. Flat. Flat! Now, how bout that now that what Caroline can do!
That how she rearrange herself and that how she change!!!

Murder me god...down in that basement.
Murder my dreams so I stop wantin
murder my hope of him returnin.
Strangle the pride that make me crazy!
Make me forget so's I stop grievin.
Scour my skin till I stop feeling...
take Caroline away!
I can't be her.
Take her away.
I cant afford her!
Tear out my heart...
strangle my soul...
turn me to salt...
a pillar of salt...
a broken stone and then...
from the evil she done lord set her free.
Set me free.
Set me free!!!!!!
Don't let my sorrow make evil of me....

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