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Cadillac Records Soundtrack Lyrics

Beyonce - I'd Rather Go Blind Lyrics

Something told me it was over
when I saw
and her talking
something deep down
in my soul said "cry girl"
when I saw you and that
girl walking around

I'd would rather
I'd would rather
go blind boy
then to see you walk
away from me
Child naw naw
(whoo ooh)

So you see I love
so much that I don't
want to watch you leave
me baby and most of all
I just don't
I just don't wanna
be free naw

I was just
I was just
I was just sitting here
thinking of your kiss
and your warm embrace
When a reflection in a glass
that i held to my lips
now baby revealed these
tears that are on my face
(whoo ooh)

And baby,and baby,baby
i'd rather be blind boy
then to see you walk away,
walk away from me yeah(repeat)

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