B.O.S.M. Lyrics by The Dirges

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day Soundtrack Lyrics

The Dirges - B.O.S.M. Lyrics
Well Uncle Sam he said to me "you'll die alone you drunk,
You'll never make it in this world you no-good washed-up bum."
But when she comes to see me I'll take her by the hand,
And walk across the bar room to the promised land again.

Here I am again full of plenty Irish bar,
I pray to God, I pray to God for another jar.
And when she comes to see me with some whiskey and some gin,
She my girl and my brother will send me home again.

What the Hell we fighting for, that takes the beaten blood?
The faithful fallen brothers lie in pools upon the mud
I pray to God, I pray to God, for hope once again,
Well beat it out of me my body's full of filthy sin.

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