Wish I Could Stay Lyrics by Tara & Giles

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More, With Feeling Soundtrack Lyrics

Tara & Giles - Wish I Could Stay Lyrics
I'm under your spell
God how can this be
Playing with my
You know i've been
through hell
Willow don't you see
There'll be nothing left
of me
You made me...

Both: Believe

Giles: Me I don't wanna go

Both:And it'll grieve me cause
I love you so
but we both know
Wish I could

Say the right words
-------------------------Wish I could trust
to lead you
-----------------That it was just this once
Through this land
----------------But I must do what I must...
Wish I could play the father
-------------I can't adjust to this discust.
And take you by the hand
----------------------We're done and I just Both: wish I could stay

Both: Wish I could stay
Wish I could stay
Wish I could stay here
Wish I could stay

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