Love Fell Like Rain Lyrics

Brooklyn The Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Love Fell Like Rain Lyrics
She came to America looking for the lyric to her life.
And so tonight, Madison Square Garden is proud to bring to you the
olng awaited, much anticipated union of father and daguther.
Performing tonight for the very first time on this stage,
the greatest stage on earth,
I give you Paris' amazing grace, Brooklyn.

She waited tables
In a small cafe
In paris, 1969

He was a singer
From Brooklyn, USA
I hear it was a special time

Love fell like rain
From the warm Paris sky
The song he sang
As he kissed her goodbye

La, la, la, la
La, la
La, la, la, la...

Ladies and gentlemen,
My father!!

Ooo, do I smell a forfeit?
Isn't this rich, the phantom daddy is M.I.A.
Well, I got a towel... wannna throw it in?

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