Little Girl in the Stands Lyrics

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Little Girl in the Stands Lyrics
When I was little
My Daddy took me
To see the Buccaneers play
But the magic I saw
On the sidelines that day
It was "So..."
It was "Oh..."
It just blew me away
I thought my heart would stop
When the girl at the top
Started to drop and then flew
With the crowd in the palm of her hands
And this little girl in the stands

Alone in my bedroom
I'd cheer to the mirror
And do the routines
Or, I'd try
Pretending that I
Was a real Buccaneer
All grown up
On the team
I'd dream I could fly
Now just to be here
With my heroes so near
Waiting to cheer, I could cry
It surpasses my wildest plans
Who else in the world understands?
The fantasy wishes
Of this little girl in the stands

What happens to me's not important
There's others to fill the spot
But I hope that you won't take for granted
This wonderful gift that you've got
If one day cheering just feels like a chore
Just one more game to get through
And you're discontent
And think football's a bore
And nobody's eyes are on you
Never forget that somewhere in the stands
A little girl's staring and clapping her hands
And all as she watches each move that you do
And dreaming that someday she'll be just like you
She'll be just like you...

I can fly, base, or spot
But chosen or not
Just getting this shot was my prize
I'm so proud to be one of your friends
Like one perfect tumble that lands
You've granted the wishes
Of this little girl in the stands

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