Temporarily Lost Lyrics

The Bridges of Madison County Soundtrack Lyrics

Temporarily Lost Lyrics
I left eight days ago from Washington.
I've got a place there on the Sound.
Took Route 2 east out of Spokane.
Oh, this old truck, she's been around.
Went through Kalispell and North Dakota,
Hit Minnesota on the way.
Went around Lake Superior
Hit Des Moines earlier today.
And I've been looking for something
At every bridge that I crosses,
And sometimes you can feel
Like times becomes unreal
When you're temporarily lost.

FRANCESCA (indicating the direction)
Right, go right. I'm sorry.

You spend your time behind a camera,
Sometimes you almost disappear.
You see a waterfall in Cameroon.
And start to wonder why we're here.
You've gotta touch it with your fingers,
And feel the way the water flow
Until you figure out the meaning.
At least, I think that's how it goes.

So I've been looking for something,
And who can reckon the cost?
You chase it every day.
you think you're on your way,
And then you're temporarily lost.

There it is. Just around the curve. Roseman Bridge.

And now, it seems to me
The way you find the key
Is to be temporarily lost.

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