Safety in Numbers Lyrics - The Boy Friend Soundtrack

The Boy Friend Soundtrack Lyrics

Safety in Numbers Lyrics
You're so fascinating
But it's aggravating
That you keep us waiting
To hear
Which one will be
Your favorite he
You're so very taking
That our hearts are breaking
So you should be making
It clear
Which one of us
You rate Alpha plus

Now listen boys, you should recall
I've often said I love you all

You love us all?
Yes, I love you all!

It's time you learned
That I'm no fool
Where love's concerned
I stick to this rule

There's safety in numbers
That's what I believe
The girl who knows
A lot of beaux
Is never likely to grieve
The lady who slumbers
Is left high and dry
But I'm awake
And never miss
The chance to take
Another kiss
There's safety in numbers
And the more the merrier am I

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