Raise A Little Hell Lyrics by Bonnie & Clyde Cast

Bonnie & Clyde: A New Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Bonnie & Clyde Cast - Raise A Little Hell Lyrics
I can't take no more of this
This nightmare has to end
In this God forsaken place
Death would be a welcome friend
I could pay a crooked guard to kill me
Yeah that's it
Better that than sixteen years
Dyin' slowly bit by bit

All I did was rob a few stores
Justice here don't fit the crime
I've been broken by the Devil
Justice is a waste of time
I won't get to heaven
Why not raise a little Hell?

He'll see me but it's the last time
That filthy scum has gotta go
By tonight it will be over
When I strike the fatal blow
No way out I gotta do this
Him or me, okay let's play
Never killed but now I have to oh
Time to make Ed Crowder pay

I won't get to Heaven
Why not raise a little Hell?
No way I'll see Heaven
So let's raise a little Hell!

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