Moody Lyrics

Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe Soundtrack Lyrics

Moody Lyrics

Moody, you're gone from me and I'm moody;
I send my mem'ries on their way
And I'm feeling gay;
Then the thoughts of you intrude,
And I'm so moody;
The spell of early spring
Holds nothing for me,
The moon's beginning to bore me,
I make believe I'm having fun
Fooling ev'ryone;
But I guess I'm not so smart,
For I'm still moody,
Can't seem to fool my heart.
And when I try to read a book,
I pick it up, I lay it down,
Because I find my mind is not
On what I read;
I listen to the radio,
I turn it on, I turn it off,
Don't want the news and music.
Makes me lonely,
Yes, I'm so low and so lonely,
The nights that used to hurry by,
Drag along and I
Don't know what to do with myself;
You and you only
Can end my misery;
And I'll be moody
'Till you come back to me.

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