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Talk to Her Lyrics
What'd I tell you, man? Cynthia Benson can hardly keep her hands off you.
All you have to do is make your move.
(singing) talk to her.

What can I say to her?

Talk about high school, the weather, whatever,
Talk to her!
Here's how you play to her
Say you like Seinfeld

And she'll think I'm cool
I'll tell her last night I woke up saying her name
Yeah, yeah!
She'll like that.
She'll hate that!
She'll think I'm a dork
Like Benjamin Rubenstein

Talk to her!

Right! I'll sound ok to her stammering 'duh' like a geek.

Close your eyes. Move 'er close.
Swallow hard and speak!
Move! Move! Move! Move! Yeah!
Move it! Move it! Ah!

Carnival time
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