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I Want to Know Lyrics
Girls smell like girls, women wear perfume
That's one of their female glories
What do I do when I'm in her room?
I just think I want to know

I've heard the jokes, seen the magazines
Laughed when all my friends told stories
Talked all the talk, I don't know what it means
Now I think I want to know

I want to know how love feels
What kind of lightning strikes you?
How does a woman kiss you
When she likes you?

She's very close, I can feel her breath
Tickling just above my collar
What happens next scares me half to death
Now's my chance to learn
Where these feelings come
All that's what I want to know

She's very close, now she's closer still
I can feel our bodies touching
I cannot move but somehow I will
Now her mouth is close
Close enough to kiss
This is what I want to know
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