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Here We Go Again Lyrics
I've seen nine months work
Going down the drain
It's been one more day
That's at best insane,
Here we go again.

After all my vows
And my lofty aims
That I'd no get caught
Playing quartered games
Here we go again.

I wish my life were simpler,
I wish these walls weren't gray,
I wish that I were standing
On a beach in Caneo Bay,
With a drink that has umbrellas
And a novel by Jane Austin
Being eyed by two young fellows
Who run marathons in Boston...

All that romantic hocus-pocus
Like a movie in soft focus...

But my life is not
Like a movie is
And its doomed to stand
Here in (???)
When it's crisis time
And (???)
Here we go again...

It has just come clear
Well, it's basic psyche
That the man I'm with
I don't even like!
Here we go again...

I wish I felt connected,
I wish I felt inspired,
I wish I felt no interest
In that guy who just got hired.
Can someone take me walking
Far from crowds and cars?
And in one perfect moment
Beneath a dome of stars
Change my life...

But a childish wish
Is a thing best hid,
And I love my job
And I'm not a kid.
So I'll keep on saying
As I always did
Here we go again...
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